Delivering Delight.

Share the joy of a sweet or savory treat with Snacks on Racks! Whether you’re craving something sweet, salty, vegan or gluten-free, we offer a wide variety of treats for companies, individuals and families, as well as the ability to customize your stash for gifts and special occasions.

About Snacks on Racks

Since our launch in 2002, our Snacks on Racks family has been dedicated to one collective mission: to effect meaningful change by delivering delight, one snack at a time. Co-owned by mother-daughter duo Jennifer Juarez and Ellyn Shepard, our Kansas City based business values gratitude, transparency and dedication. These core values are at the heart of everything we do – from how we work and serve others to how we bring our vision to life.

Jennifer, Ellyn and our entire team are passionate about maintaining a culture rooted in authenticity and support. And we’re proud that this mentality is reflected in the deep customer relationships we’ve cultivated over the past 19 years! Not only has Snacks on Racks become an extension of many business teams, but our female-owned company continues to help customers thrive through our simple, economical and – dare we say – fun snacking solution!

From our humble 800-square-foot beginnings to our now 5,300-square-foot warehouse in Park University’s Commercial Underground, we’ve expanded our offerings to include gourmet snack packs and peg bags, as well as healthier alternatives like trail mixes, nuts and national brands – all available in both bulk and on-the-go packaging. There’s space in life for both sweet treats and healthier options, and Snacks on Racks delivers on both!

Throughout the years, Snacks on Racks has delivered delight at hospitals, stadiums, Fortune 500 cafés, convenience stores, hotels and stores across the country. As our product line continues to evolve, we are committed to supporting our client’s needs – now offering a delectable collection of tasty treats that include gluten-free, vegetable-based protein and keto-friendly options.

As a family-owned business, we believe something as simple as a piece of chocolate can serve as a catalyst for spreading smiles, creating shared experiences and empowering people to chase their goals – all through food.

Live • Snack • Smile

Jennifer Juarez

Founder & CEO


As a wife and mother of three, Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to inject a dose of joy into people’s everyday lives is what sparked the inspiration for establishing Snacks on Racks.

As someone extremely passionate about giving back to the community, Jennifer enjoys her involvement with a number of charities, including NCAPs, Parkville Chamber of Commerce, Central Exchange, HEMP, Feed Northland Kids and the Heartstrings Community Foundation.

Ellyn Shepard



Medical field retiree and two-time entrepreneur Ellyn Shepard is dedicated to helping her daughter, Jennifer, operate Snacks on Racks. Ellyn communicates with local manufacturers and assists with seasonal promotions. 

Ellyn has always been devoted to helping others, having volunteered many hours teaching CPR and advanced first aid. She’s also worked as an EMT, a nurse and co-owned a small business within the medical industry. Her favorite part of her job is working alongside her daughter.

Our Bestsellers

At Snacks on Racks, we make stocking up on the treats you love a breeze! We believe the little things in life can elicit genuine joy and happiness. And, well, there’s simply no denying it: snacks lead to smiles.

Because Snacks Lead to Smiles